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I am Mediterranean, born in Nimes (South of France) in 1974. I keep from this origin a strong taste for the color, the setting, the light, but also a very Latin attraction for the mystery and the secrecy, which sometimes makes me prefer the suggestion to the demonstration.

Since childhood, to hold a pencil appears natural to me, and this taste for drawing pushed me to artistic studies and a diploma of applied arts. But perhaps a little too applied! It is why, since my studies and on top of my professional work, I developed, by pleasure and also by need, this illustrated universe, until making it as my principal activity.

It‘s funny, but no question embarrasses me as much as: which is your idol? I guess that I have never been "fan" of anyone. I like the work of many artists, but I do not think of having of model. It is, maybe, a way of not locking up my imagination.

Though, my work does not result from a pure abstraction. It nourishes many influences drawn as well from the art drawing as well as in the comics, the cinema, erotic photography or even fashion.

To give you a small idea, here is a non exhaustive list of people who live in my visual imaginary area: Rembrandt, Delacroix, Toulouse-Lautrec, Schiele, Moebius, Ugo Prat, Alberto Vargas, Pedro Almodovar, Gregg Araki, Federico Fellini, Pierre and Gilles, Herb Ritts, Patrick Sarfati, Jean-Baptist Mondino... I hate this kind of list; it reduces things too much and does not speak enough about those which make it up!

I take a great pleasure "to give flesh" to my subjects, but also to work on their personality, which passes more by the attitude or the look that by situations, even if I like setting the scene.

The principle is to move from a simple posture to erotism and from erotism to sex while playing with details, lightings and imagination of everyone. And always on the same principle, by progressive slip, to pass from a touching innocence to a teasing posture, from a faint posture to a violent provocation, from nonchalant nudity to sexual demonstration.

It is also why I like to work with color. Beyond the line, it underlines the atmospheres, the personality of the characters or their intentions. It brings by saturation or exaggeration an imaginary dimension, a form of abstraction. It also can by contrast with the motif, to propose another interpretation of what is shown.

But this interpretation, you are free to accept it or not...